About Me

I'm Meredith and I'm a Virginia and destination photographer who loves adventurous couples with cool stories and good style! I own more turquoise apparel than most and I think dachshunds are the cutest dogs ever. I'm that girl who would spend every day at the beach (preferably on a boat) if I had it my way and would leave in an instant to travel somewhere new if I was better with directions. I'm someone who wants to hear YOUR story, rather than talking about myself. Journaling and Bible study are morning rituals and my obsession with Apple products is a little out of hand. I drink coffee almost every day and if I'm not taking pictures, you'll probably find me watching reality television, reading a fiction novel, or exploring Spotify for the best music. But photography, of course, is my first love. I've been taking pictures for about six years now and I love it more every day. Photography has become such a passion of mine and has fulfilled that piece of me that always wanted to create something and give to people at the same time. I'm incredibly honored to be building my business and it's all because of people like you who care enough to read about the one behind the lens! So thank you! Feel free to browse the blog to learn more about me! If you're interested in having pictures done, my email is meredithsledge8@gmail.com. I'd love nothing more than to get to know you and I'd be delighted to photograph you!