Friday, January 8, 2016

Washington D.C.

I've never been a huge history lover (sorry to all you nerdy people) because it's hard for me to have interest in something that feels so far away but actually seeing history in front of me in Washington D.C. is a different story. I hadn't been to any museums or even into D.C. for a few years so when Megan said she and her sister were going into town, I decided I'd make the trek up there. I decided spontaneously at about 7PM (story of my life) and drove the two hours there the night before last. 

We went to the Renwick Gallery first which is a gallery with some really fun art that's only up until the summer! The rainbow string installation was so cool!! Afterwards we went to the Library of Congress and got an hour-long tour. Such a unique place!! It opened in 1897 and is the world's largest public library. It took 25 years to build and every single wall, painting, and sculpture in the building has reason. It's free and open to anyone over the age of 16, too, so if I lived in D.C. I'd probably have to take advantage of that. I mean, who wouldn't be inspired in that library?! 

After the library, we walked by the White House, got lunch at Vapiano's, attempted to get on the D.C. Snap Story (and kind of succeeded), went to Ford's Theatre where Abraham Lincoln was killed, and finally saw the Declaration of Independence! It was a full day but so much fun!! There's seriously SO much to do in D.C. and I hate that I don't take advantage of being so close! Thanks Megan for the fun day and the photos of me!

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  1. Absolutely incredible photos, Washington looks like it has some fantastic art and beautiful buildings!