Friday, November 27, 2015

Charming Charleston

I couldn't believe I had never been to South Carolina before this trip. It's only 8 hours to Charleston from where I am, yet I had never gone. I spent a whole week in this charming city and while Megan was at the conference I mentioned in my last post, I had a whole lot of time to myself. We were staying about half an hour from the city center and on the conference days, Megan put together a Bible study, which we started at 6:30AM. So we got up at the crack of dawn both days to do that and after Bible study, I was on my own from 7AM-11PM. You think that sounds fun until you're actually alone. Haha! Megan was kind enough to give me her car so I was able to go places but let's just say I'd much rather travel with someone. If I'm alone, I just end up having conversations with strangers and wandering through sketchy neighborhoods trying to get to buildings that look like castles. If you follow me on Snapchat, you are well aware of this. Haha!!

Most of these iPhone photos were taken on the two days I was wandering around because I ran out of things to do after seven hours. I spent a whole lot of time at a cute and delicious coffeeshop called Black Tap Coffee. Definitely ranks as one of my top two favorites ever, and I've been to a LOT of coffeeshops. So I started each morning getting coffee, working, and meeting new people while I was there but then ended up strolling King Street, the waterfront, and the Battery. The next day I headed to Edisto Island and Folley Beach, which was a lot of fun because I got to drive back roads and see outside of downtown CHS. South Carolina really is way more beautiful than I imagined and I loved having a laid back week to explore. Here are a few images from the trip. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoys the weekend! :)

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