Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Megan | Charleston, South Carolina + Destination Portrait Photographer

I'm so lucky to have just spent a wonderful week in the town of Charleston, South Carolina. I had heard about Charleston for years because I had a friend who went to the College of Charleston but it wasn't until I joined the wedding photography industry that I learned why it was such a great place. It is full of rich history and the most beautifully colored and textured homes I've ever seen. 

Megan was attending the Creative at Heart Conference and although I didn't sign up, Megan invited me to go along because she knows how much I love to travel. We did SO much while we were there but during the two days she was at the conference, I had those full days to explore and do whatever I wanted. Those photos will be coming soon in a later post but first I get to share with you the photoshoot I had with Megan! It's become a tradition for me to photograph Megan and Megan to photograph me everywhere we go. Megan has become such a great travel buddy and it's so nice because we are both photographers and we get new photos in such beautiful locations every place we visit. I feel like I say this every time I go somewhere but Charleston is one of my favorite spots I've been this year and I actually do mean that. I'm so glad I have Megan's gorgeous face to start off this blog post! Enjoy the Spanish moss, old oak trees, and awesome row houses.

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