Wednesday, September 2, 2015


It's almost 6AM and I'm still awake. I haven't slept in almost 24 hours. I just flew from Denver to D.C. and then had to make the drive back home. I didn't get in until after 3AM and then for some reason, I felt compelled to catch up on emails and work.... I don't know how else to describe my life right now besides completely insane and crazy!! There's a lot going on and it's happening really fast! I am in the midst of wedding season but I had a week off this past week and it worked out perfectly that Megan's destination engagement shoot in Colorado was the one week I had off! She asked me if I would want to go a few months ago and obviously I never say no to traveling so I booked my flight and was counting down the days from then on! Little did I know that moving out was on the horizon for me during the time this trip would happen. 

Long story short, I've wanted to move out for a while and it just so happened that about a month ago, a girl emailed me and asked if I was looking for a place to live in Charlottesville. I had been searching on and off but knew I didn't want to move out until I found a good roommate! Well, once Monika (my future roomie!) and I met, we started the search and after seeing about ten places total, we FINALLY signed a lease on a townhouse in Charlottesville, a few miles from downtown. I spent a lot of my time in Colorado on the phone, figuring out little things here and there. It was a bit of a hectic trip trying to settle things from across the country but I'm signing the last papers today and we'll be moving in this week! Well, I'll probably be sleeping on an air mattress and eating chocolate for dinner but I'm still moving! I don't have anything for the house because I've been working and traveling since we starting looking for places so it's a bit crazy but I could not be more excited for this new season of life and I know God has so much joy in store. I can't wait to be in C'ville and not have to drive there basically every other day! :) 

And before my life gets completely consumed with moving, here's the world's longest personal post ever! So many pictures from this beautiful state of Colorado! I can't even begin to describe the beauty of it! Visit my Instagram for more fun photos!

HAHA! This is outside of Casa Bonita, from the South Park episode. I can't stop laughing. If you've ever had dinner here and you watch South Park, you understand why I was in tears laughing from the whole experience. 

We hiked Horsetooth in Fort Collins!! This hike was a lot steeper and longer than we expected but not too hard if you don't have altitude sickness. SO beautiful from the very top!

It's not a trip without a visit to every coffeeshop in town. :) We went to Black Eye Coffee (below), Crema, and Steam! Yummy! 

Lake Dillon is incredible!! We also went to Breckenridge afterwards because it's close and that was ADORABLE! Can't wait to go back and ski when it's snowy!

The Manitou Cliff Dwellings! So cool! 

Pikes Peak -- 14,115 feet above sea level!! It's the 39th tallest summit in the United States!

I was a little excited about the Pikes Peak drive. Honestly, it was the coolest, most thrilling, beautiful drive I've ever taken. It was my favorite part about our trip. :)

The Universal was the most delicious breakfast place EVER! It was so good that we went twice. 


  1. Beautiful photos. Always makes me want to travel. And a Big congratulations on moving out and starting a new adventure with your own place. ♡ you.

  2. As much as I loveeee your photo work - and love looking at it.. I loveeeeeeeeee SO much when you travel and I get to read about it and see those photos!!

  3. how fun. I love your black, floppy hat!