Monday, June 15, 2015

Bailey + Tim | Richmond, Virginia Wedding Photographer

I couldn't believe I had not shot in Richmond before this beautiful wedding! I am in Richmond all the time for engagement sessions but I'm always on a very tight timeline and don't get to see much of the city. Well, the bride was getting ready in a beautiful neighborhood that I had no idea existed! It was gorgeous!!! I started to fall in love with RVA a little... And then on the way to the reception, I took a different route than the first one my phone told me to because I wanted to avoid tolls and I drove this long road all the way to the country club with these enormous houses the entire way! I almost wrecked a few times because I couldn't stop staring! But anyway, I LOVE this wedding! The bride's dress was to die for! Spoiler alert... It is definitely something I'd wear. Check it out! Thanks to Morgan Trinker for having me and to Dickie Morris for doing a great job as always!

Okay, this goes down in the top 10 wedding moments! The neighbors at the house next to where Bailey was getting ready were waiting ALL day for her to get her dress on! They were SO excited. It was precious. We had a big reveal and they all dressed up in pink (because the bridesmaids were wearing pink) and brought her a card that said, "Bailey and Tim at last."

Bailey's grandma's reaction to her getting out of the trolley. So priceless! 

LOOK at that dress!!!  

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  1. I'll take that dress in a size 4, please!! But for real, an absolutely amazing dress and an even more gorgeous wedding!