Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Top Things to Do In Oahu (Part III)

It's the last bit of my Hawaii series!!! I'm so sad!! If you'd like to read Part I or Part II, definitely do that now! Day 6 we woke up early to head to Pearl Harbor because you have to get a ticket to get to ride a boat over to the USS Arizona. I didn't expect to like Pearl Harbor because I'm not a huge museum person but seeing the USS Arizona was AMAZING. The ship is still leaking oil from the 1941 attack. Absolutely mind-blowing. It was crazy to think that hundreds of people were laying beneath the sea. If you want to go here, I suggest going before 9 AM to be able to get a ticket. It's free but you'll be there ALL day waiting to go to the USS Arizona if you don't go early. Also, you can't take a purse in so my Pad & Quill phone case that holds my credit cards came in handy. Tip: That case is also so nice at the airport because you don't have to have your wallet, license, and ticket out. I downloaded the mobile ticket to my passport app on my iPhone for them to scan and my license is in my phone case. Super easy.

We went back to Ko'Olina later that day because Ko'Olina is on the side of the island that seemed to be sunnier while we were there. We also saw a seal in the lagoon this day!! YAY! It was really sad, though. The seal had just had a miscarriage and was sad and confused because she had spent the last few weeks looking for her baby... It was awful. That's why she was in the lagoon. There were marine biologists watching out for her not only to make sure she got out safely but also because monk seals have four-hundred pounds of pressure in their jaw... So yeah.

There's a free firework show in Waikiki at the Hilton Hawaiian Village every Friday night. Parking in Waikiki is really expensive but there's free parking down by the Ala Wai Boat Harbor which saved our butts. The photo above is where we parked. But if you park there, you'll probably be walking at least 10-15 minutes to get where you want to go. It's better than paying. Haha. :)
Day 7 was my birthday!!! MY 21st BIRTHDAY!!!! When we planned the trip, it wasn't a birthday trip and I didn't even realize I'd have my birthday there until after we booked the flight. It was definitely the best birthday I've ever had. I really wanted to go to the North Shore where all the surfers are so we went to Waimea because the waves are really big up there. They weren't as big as they have been but it was still pretty scary. The lifeguards had to announce every thirty minutes that if you didn't have years of experience surfing at this beach that you had to get out of the water. The North Shore was a lot of fun though. We only spent a few hours there but I wish it had been more!! It's just your typical beachy, surf town with cool shops and lots of food trucks!! 

The next day we did Tantalus Drive which is an awesome, curvy road all the way up and down the mountain. There are little overlooks with views of Waikiki. It was really cool! If you have a convertible, it would be even more awesome.  

Now this is pretty funny. Megan and I drove to Manoa Falls, hiked the whole thing, got to the falls, and there was no water.... It was dry. Sooooo, if you go to a waterfall, just make sure there's water first. 

The next day we spend with one of Megan's friends who just moved to Oahu. We hiked Diamondhead which was a good workout. Make sure you take the steps at the top to finish it out strong! Haha. When we got to the top, there was yet another good view of Waikiki! The very top overlook had a swarm of gnats which is apparently normal, according to the people up there who told us so.... Megan and Cory left me up there to take a picture. Haha. I braved the bugs but then ran back down wiping them off my body.... Kind of gross. That afternoon we went to Hanauma Bay which is one of the best places to snorkel in Oahu. It was BEAUTIFUL. I saw a rainbow fishy. :) I wish I had gone out further but two people had drowned a couple days before we went so we chose to stay closer to shore. 

That evening we spent at Waikiki again because we had plans to swim in the infinity pool at the Sheraton but you had to have a wristband... They were on lose watch. If you got in the pool right away and hid your wrists you might be okay but we got kicked out. I did get my photo, though! :) 

I didn't take any photos our last full day because we spent it on the beach and went straight to a luau. I was SO sad I didn't have my camera for the luau. The fire breathing show was SO fun!!! If you know someone who is military, you can get a discount at Paradise Cove. :) And then of course, our last morning was so depressing. I wanted to cry. 10 days was good but it's never long enough. I absolutely fell in love with Hawaii and I can't wait to go back!! If anyone is getting married on any of the islands, I'm your girl!! Hope you all enjoyed my three-part series and feel free to ask me any questions!! We obviously didn't get to do everything but there's a lot of amazing food, sights, and things to do. I'd highly recommend going. :)


  1. This series has been so fun! So many beautiful photos and stories -- I'm dying to go now. :)

  2. ugh, I've enjoyed this so so much. i need to get to hawaii!!

    xx, rn