Friday, March 20, 2015

Top Things to Do In Oahu (Part I)

Oahu, a beautiful island in Hawaii -- that's where I spent my last 10 days. It still all seems a bit of a dream because of how far off a trip to this magical place seemed even just last year. I have wanted to visit Hawaii for so many years and especially after a few of my friends went, I knew it was next on my list. I also knew flights were very pricey and if I didn't have a place to stay or a car to use, I'd end up spending a lot. I was in a weird place before my Hawaii trip (and still kind of am) but I have been wrestling with where I want to move and if I want to move. Hawaii and California are my top two picks but that's not something you do overnight. The thought terrifies me. I'd be moving a business -- moving my entire life. I had been looking at apartments on Oahu about two months ago and even searching for a roommate just to see if it would be feasible because I had a couple people message me with incredibly low-priced flights from the east coast to Honolulu and it spurred me on an internet search. So I knew all this time that there were cheap flights in March and April but I tried to put it on the back burner. 

Now this is the crazy part. I had spent all day looking at apartments on Oahu when my friend Megan texted me saying one of her brides for this year invited her and Justin, her fiancĂ©, to go visit her on the island. To be honest, that news was disappointing to me because it was my biggest dream to go. But Megan knew that and she messaged her bride right away seeing if I could come this time instead of Justin. :) She said, "Of course" and I flipped out. We were both free the time that the flights were really cheap!! Eeeek! But then the time came to find a rental car and if you know Hawaii, everything is outrageously priced. I called a few places and once again, the underage fee was going to be a ton and it would have been $630 for 10 days, which was more than the flight. We literally gave up on the trip for a couple hours and I went to sleep feeling restless and disappointed. Megan let Luisanna know and then Lu said she might be able to ask her roommate who was in Korea if we could use his car for part of the trip. He said yes..... 

No more than 24 hours later and we had booked our flights from Philly to Honolulu. I couldn't believe it and counting down the days to the trip was torture. But it came soon enough and we raced the traffic from DC to Philly, getting there just as our plane was boarding!! We were so relieved to have gotten on the flight.

Our first day was spent wandering Waikiki and exhausting ourselves so we'd sleep well, wake up early, and get on the Hawaii time, which was 6 hours ahead. It worked and the next day we spent at Ko'olina, back in a more private area where a lot of the resorts are, including the Disney Resort, Aulani, which Megan was super excited about. You can sneak in if you walk down from the fourth lagoon to the first one but don't tell anyone I told you. ;) We spent most of our time on the second lagoon, though. There's a little beach restaurant right on the lagoon and a bunch of shops and restaurants nearby if you want something to do! Snorkeling there is also pretty fun! It was such a perfect start to the trip. I can't wait to share Part II with you soon!

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  1. oh my gosh! this is one of my very biggest dreams as well! hoping to one day make it happen.
    these are all amazing pictures, i love them. looks like you had an absolute blast. i enjoyed all yours and Megans instagram photos so much!

    xx, rn