Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Miller's Signature Albums

I don't share too often about my business behind the scenes, like things that I offer in my collections but I'm way too excited about this not to share! I am including leather, lay-flat albums in my highest wedding collection and I am thrilled!!! I just ordered a sample album to be able to show potential clients and opening it up was better than Christmas!! It's my baby! I didn't want to let it out of my sight and I couldn't stop looking through it. I'm officially passionate about my clients having an album of their wedding day. I would hear other photographers say how nice albums were but now I understand! It's SO special having your wedding displayed in an album and being able to share that with family and friends! I wasn't sure I'd want to pay for an album when I eventually get married but there is no doubt in my mind that I will. It's completely different than viewing photos online and if there was anything I'd encourage brides and grooms to do, it would be to get an album! Check it out! Here are a few spreads from the sample I made from Rebecca and Craig's wedding. Hope it gives you an idea into how awesome it is! If only you could smell the leather cover. :)

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