Monday, March 2, 2015

Larissa | Springfield, Missouri Portrait Photographer

I had the pleasure of visiting my friend Jordan in Missouri last week with Megan and we had so much fun!! Jordan set up this little shoot in downtown Springfield with Larissa and it was such a blast! Larissa is a stylist at Ann Taylor and she has the cutest sense of style!!! She always looks so put together and I love the creativity that goes into her outfits. It was nice to shoot some portraits and even though our hands went numb after only ten minutes of shooting, I'm so glad I have a few more fashion shots for my portfolio! Larissa, thanks for modeling for us. :) 


  1. <3 You're amazing Mere!! Larissa, you know clothes. That's how you should introduce yourself to people!

  2. these are insane, Meredith! holy cow. such beauty.

  3. Jordan you may be on to something! ;) haha Meredith you are incredible! <3