Monday, February 9, 2015

Megan + Justin | Richmond, Virginia Engagement Virginia

I met Megan just about exactly one year ago to the day and she's seriously my soul sister; I feel like I've know her YEARS. She literally knows everything about me and my family. Basically she's an incredibly awesome friend and I'm SO thankful for her! I got to spend a week with Megan and her fiancĂ© Justin in Indiana this summer and it was a blast! It was so fun getting to see them interact and just get to know them as a couple! I have taken many pictures of Megan and I took a few of Megan and Justin in Indiana but I got to take a few more now that they're actually engaged!!! I was filming some video of the two of them at Maymont for a wedding giveaway and I snapped a few shots in between clips!!! I love Maymont! This was my first time shooting there and apparently it's super crowded in the warmer months so I'm glad we had the whole place to ourselves!! 

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