Monday, December 29, 2014

Lindsay + Taylor | Alexandria, Virginia Wedding Photographer

I have so many awesome weddings to blog!! I've been slow to blog these because I didn't have to edit them but now that it's winter/slow season, I am craving photoshoots and editing! I had quite a few opportunities to second shoot this year and it was a blast!! This wedding is one of my favorites of the year! Lindsay and Taylor were such a unique, fun couple to photograph! Lindsay's hair was amazing, the church was so cool, and I'll NEVER forget their reception. It was nonstop fast-paced dancing as you'll see in the shots below! Usually reception shots are my least favorite but surprisingly, these are some of my favorites! I didn't get any portraits of the couple from this wedding because I was shooting reception details but I still think it's worthy of being blogged! Here are my favorites!

Second shot with Sera Petras.

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  1. Beautiful wedding. I also like that church. A lot of emotions and joy everywhere. Great work!