Monday, December 1, 2014

Delight Leader's Retreat 2014 | Brewster, Washington Portrait Photographer

We were headed from Seattle to the tiny, one-gated airport in Wenatchee on a little plane that took us over the most mountainous area I've ever seen. There were barely any roads and definitely weren't many houses! I knew Washington was mountainous but I didn't realize how huge and awesome (and snowy) they were! It's so fun to see how much land is unsettled when you fly! 

After the 27 minute flight (yes, really -- they barely had time to give us water), we landed in Wenatchee and were greeted by Beth, who was driving Megan and I, along with the other girls who had the same flight and were going to the retreat. We somehow managed to fit all of our suitcases in her SUV but I don't know quite how that happened. Haha. I sat in the back with the snacks and luggage as we drove the 1.5 hour trip to the tiny town of Brewster, Washington! Why was I in Brewster you ask?! Well, I was about to be a part of the Delight leader's retreat to brainstorm about the future of Delight! I got to meet some wonderful Delight friends from online in person and share life with them! We dreamed big, prayed hard, and trusted that God was going to use this ministry in ways we could only imagine!! I'm so excited to see where things go!! One of the main things we worked on was setting up an account to raise money for Delight to become a non-profit. We need $10,000 to do so and that's not even counting the money we need for the Delight House. It's a lot but we know it's possible because we're only a couple weeks in and we have $5,000!! It's unbelievable! So with that being said, if you feel led to contribute, I'd be so excited! Delight has been a huge part of my life and I've made friends in the creative industry who have inspired me and helped me grow in ways that I otherwise wouldn't have! 

I fell in love with the state of Washington and I hear that November isn't even the best time to go, so that's saying a lot!! I can't wait to go back! Check out some of my shots from the week!

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  1. ahhh, this post makes my heart almost explode. so many beautiful women in this and i love them + their hearts so much.
    (also, can we just talk about how absolutely killer your portrait shots are?? so on point.)