Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Meredith + Army | Trump Winery: Charlottesville, Virginia Wedding Photographer

Despite the rain, this wedding was pretty darn awesome! Trump is such a beautiful venue and if it's going to rain on a wedding day, you better hope you're getting married at Trump! Haha. Meredith and Army were such troopers as it rained their entire day. And because stories are always fun, what you don't know from these photos is how terrible of an idea it was that the vendors had to park behind the kitchen on a muddy hill. It was raining so hard that the stylist's car started sliding into mine during the reception... No joke. It was about 6 inches from hitting mine. We tried to get mine out but it was stuck. One of the guys in his tux came out, got in the mud, and tried to push my car out as my tires flung mud on him... It was bad. Haha. Thankfully this was within the last hour of the night and we were able to deal with it. They had a truck come and pull me out. Haha. And that's just one of the many adventurous stories I have to tell from a wedding. :) But anyway, here are some of my favorites from their winter wedding!

Their first look was so sweet!

Dickie always does the most incredible things to a room! Her talent blows me away!

Sweethaus made this beautiful cake!!

HAHA. I almost peed my pants when I saw this. So much yes.

Second shot with Morgan Trinker.