Monday, November 3, 2014

Sarah + Garrett | Crozet, Virginia Wedding Photographer

He waited all morning to see her walk down the aisle. Both were full of jitters knowing what lied ahead. It was the peak of fall, the horses roamed on the mountain, and the weather could not have been more perfect. Family filtered into their ceremony chairs and everyone waited. She emerged from the house and she and her daddy slowly made their way across the lawn, the sun in the background, highlighting her beautiful, flowing J.Crew gown. The wind blew her dress just slightly, revealing her purple heels and as she stepped up the hill and stopped before the walk down the aisle, it all became so real. He watched as each step she took brought them closer to their marriage. It wasn't more than fifteen minutes before the vows were exchanged, and two huge smiles recessed.

They ran along the green grass, as the sun hit the orange and red leaves of the trees. They kissed as the view reflected in the crisp, cool lake water. They laughed as they touched their noses and their guests mingled in the background. They danced as the lights twinkled and their close friends cried tears of joy. They partied until the bonfire died out and the stars shone bright. Their love was beaming. Their love was real.

The sweetest daddy-daughter first look I've ever seen!

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  1. Such wonderful photos of a spectacular event! Thank you Meredith!