Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mary + Dan | Clifton, Virginia Wedding Photographer

It all started when they were in the same bridal party. It was his brother and her best friend getting married. Despite not having a conversation the majority of the wedding day, he knew he'd love to get to know her so he bravely went over to her during the reception and asked her to dance. She politely declined by saying, "You should dance with your family." But he didn't give up and that wasn't the end. After the wedding, they connected on Facebook and she gave him a chance, knowing a date might be a little more comfortable than dancing to pop songs in front of a crowd with a person she just met. It wasn't too long after a Facebook friend request and an inbox message that had them planning their own bridal party.

He proposed with a treasure hunt throughout her house. He left her notes and each note led to the next, which eventually led to their church, where he got down on one knee on the alter with their priest who blessed their future marriage.

And then there came the wedding day, which was nothing short of beautiful and heartfelt. As Mary emerged in her dress, all the children in the house flocked to her as if she was a princess -- and rightly so. She looked like one. Dan said, "It's not the dress that makes you pretty. It's who's in the dress."

I have had so many wonderful couples this year and this wedding was the perfect one to end on! I can't believe my 2014 wedding season is over!! After shooting Mary and Dan's wedding, before they even saw the photos, I received an email from them that made me cry happy tears. These two are so incredibly kind and generous and I am so blessed to have gotten to know them! I hope you all enjoy my favorites from their wedding!

When I first mentioned the first look to Mary, she was totally against it. She said she was traditional and that she really didn't want to see Dan before the ceremony! I told her all the pros of doing it and especially with having a wedding after the time change, it was really important that we had time for everything!! I still gave her an option of course but Mary and Dan decided on their own to do the first look even though they were having a Catholic mass. I was a little nervous beforehand because I didn't want them to regret it but they both told me after the ceremony that they were so glad they did it and Dan even said he still teared up during the ceremony!! First looks definitely don't take away from the ceremony and if my most traditional couple can do it, I think anyone can!!

We went into downtown Clifton for some portraits and ran into so many people Mary knew!! She's a teacher and these littles go to her school!! As I was posing Mary and Dan for this shot, I heard one of them say, "Are they gonna kiss soon?" Emily, thanks for snapping the fun moments like this that I can't get when I'm posing!!

Emily is SO amazing for getting this!!!

They had SUCH a fun group of guests!!

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