Friday, November 14, 2014

Jordan Brittley

It's rare that I truly love images of myself. I think I've just become incredibly picky since I became a photographer but I recently had the privilege of getting in front of Jordan Brittley's camera and I can honestly say that I adore every shot Jordan took of me. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. Jordan is a magician. She's so talented! I wanted Jordan to take a few photos of me on her film camera at the east coast Delight retreat but it never happened! Thankfully we had the chance at the east coast reunion in VA Beach this summer. I was super sick and couldn't even talk when she took these but I'm so glad we still went out. It was such a blessing and I felt so inspired after she sent me the images. She shot all of these on her Contax with Fuji 400H I believe! I have seen millions of film images lately and certain shoots over others make me want to completely switch over to film. The light and colors in these shots did just that! I have been so tempted lately to buy a Contax or at least rent one. Eeek! We'll see what happens but there's just something about film when it's done right and Jordan definitely does it right. :) Thanks Jordan, for making me look cool. :)


  1. Mere, you are gorgeous! It was such an honor to photograph your sweet self!! Love you bunches and bunches!!