Friday, November 28, 2014

Washington State | Seattle, Washington Portrait Photographer

California and Washington were at the top of my bucket list! I had no idea I'd get to see both states only months apart. Traveling is a beautiful, inspiring, addicting thing and I am so lucky to have gotten to visit the amazing town of Seattle a couple weeks ago! It was such a last minute flight and I was only in Seattle for about 24 hours but it was worth it! I flew in with Megan and our first adventure in town was lugging all our luggage on the light rail and about one mile up the hills to our apartment.... Let's just say I'll NEVER bring a duffle bag, my camera bag, and a suitcase EVER again when traveling. Haha! Travel light, my friends! 

But anyway, we got checked in to our apartment and literally seconds later, we were out wandering, cameras in hand!! It was such a beautiful, sunny day and we wanted to see as much as we could since we didn't have a lot of time. We went to Pike Place, walked all around downtown, and went up in the Space Needle that afternoon and the next morning we woke up early, took a million pictures, drank some good Seattle coffee, explored more, and then it was time to pack up for our next flight! Any guesses as to where I went and who I was meeting?! To be continued....

Photos of me taken by Megan. All photos edited by me.

Somewhere over Montana.
Mount Rainier!!!

The delightful gum wall.

The original Starbucks!

The Seattle Public Library might as well have been a museum. I could have done a whole shoot in this place!