Friday, October 3, 2014

Megan | Richmond, Virginia Portrait Photographer

You know those friends who you just knew when you met them that you'd end up being close? That's how it was when I met Megan!! I've probably said this before but it was such a God-thing! It was kind of weird because after the Shoot & Share meet up I remember feeling like we had known each other for years!! Megan is so special (in every sense of the word, HAHA). She's wise, kind, understanding, gorgeous, and a friend I hope to keep forever. Somehow we managed to see each other three times in one week even though she lives in DC. Of course photos were involved one of those days! Otherwise, I would have been worried! Haha. We were going to a meet up/presentation in Richmond so we got together a little early to shoot at Libby Hill Park in Richmond and then ended at a pretty field. Before Tuesday, I hadn't shot anything in about two weeks so I was itching to get behind my camera again!! I challenged myself to shoot everything at f/1.8 or wider and surprisingly, most of this shoot was shot at f/1.2. I was SO thrilled because pretty must everything was sharp! I need to shoot that wide more often. :) But anyway, here's yet another blog post featuring Megan!


  1. Love the posing and composition of all of these shots! I have a feeling the film ones are going to look VERY similar to the way you edited these! And I loved the little blurb at the top!! <3 <3 <3

  2. love love love these! so beautiful.

    do you purchase presets or do you make your own?

    xo, rn