Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jamie + Erick | Charlottesville, Virginia Wedding Photographer

I've said this before but second shooting with Morgan is something I always look forward to!! Morgan is one of the most down to earth photographers I know and shooting for her is an honor!! Second shooting can be tough sometimes because usually you're put in the role of doing all the necessary stuff that isn't really portfolio-worthy but Morgan always lets me shoot details with her and I don't know if she realizes how much that means! I LOVE being able to second shoot and still tell the whole story of the day!! Rarely can I blog a wedding I second shoot but thanks to Morgan, I can! This is one of my favorite weddings I've ever been to. It was perfection from the dress to the shoes to the details to the dessert table. Haha. I hope you guys enjoy looking through these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!!

Jamie painted all the little pictures on her invitations! Such a fun personal touch!

Their first look was so precious!

The grandmas were the flower girls!! Best thing ever!

I promise that background is real! Trump Winery is phenomenal!
The boys buried some bourbon and when they dug it up, the top came off and it started to spill out! Everyone freaked out! Haha.

Dickie does such an incredible job!! So much beauty!

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  1. This is so absolutely stunning. You're an incredibly talented photographer!!
    xoxo, em