Wednesday, October 15, 2014

FAQ: Outfits

Almost every shoot I do, I get asked outfit advice and I completely understand that it's a little scary. Heck, I have to ask my mom for outfit advice sometimes.... It's daunting to know you're having professional photos done and you won't get a re-do. You want to look good and you want to coordinate. So with that, here is some advice. :) Every photographer gives the tip that it's about coordinating, not matching. If you both wear the exact same colors, it has potential to look a little cheesy so it's important that you find similar shades and add sweaters or jewelry to bring it all together! It's overwhelming but outfits that are really thought out and are unique make the photo look more high end and styled. I've been studying this a lot lately. If you've got great light and a couple or a senior in some awesome clothes, it looks SO much more professional. Nice clothes are expensive but it's your engagement shoot!! I personally would spend some money on an outfit that would really make me feel good and look stylish. :) No pressure to my clients because I know it's not always feasible to buy from Anthropologie, Free People, or J.Crew but just in case you want to splurge a little, here are some photos where I feel that the outfit made the shot! If you'd like even more inspiration, check out my engagement Pinterset board or my outfit Pinterest board! Photos shot by Erich McVey, Eric Kelley, Laura Murray, Jose Villa, This Modern Romance, Ryan Ray, and Clayton Austin.

Can you tell I LOVE long dresses? I promise that you can still be stylish without one but trust me, I wouldn't complain if you wore one. :D

And now for some portrait outfit inspiration!! Hats, accessories, boots, layers... Those are all good things!!

The following photos were taken from my my Pinterest.