Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Melo + Sean | San Diego, California Proposal Photographer

I've known Melo for quite for a few years and got to know her better when she transferred from private school to my high school! I had friends who knew her but I never had the chance until she came to Waynesboro!! I don't even remember how or why but we hung out a few times and since then, I have loved this girl!! I remember walking around her farm with her and getting to ride bareback on her horse for the first time. I remember walking back to the barn having a conversation about her doing Ignite, a program she did end up doing in Blacksburg a couple years ago. Although I don't remember her saying anything about moving to California in that conversation, it's interesting because a friend she met in that program is the friend she first visited in California, when she met Sean! Paul (Melo's brother) and Sean are recon marines and were in the same platoon in Afghanistan. They became really good friends so when they came back and Melo was in Carlsbad where Sean and Paul were stationed, they were introduced and hit it off. As Melo said to me, "We've been inseparable since." They ended up going to the courthouse and getting married not long after and have been living life in Carlsbad since then. 

When I started planning my trip to California, I asked Melo if she knew anyone who had an open room for me to stay. I never expected her to offer her place to me and Hannah but she and Sean said they were happy to have us!! When Sean found out I was staying, he contacted me without Melo knowing of course, and asked if I'd be willing to photograph their proposal. Yes, they were married but there wasn't a proposal or ring involved so Sean wanted to make it official while I was there! So I planned a little portrait session with Melo and Sean; little did she know what was waiting for her!! So we took some photos in Coronado and then went to Beacon's Beach where it all happened!! :) It was so fun being a part of this exciting day and I loved that it worked out for me to photograph them and the proposal!! Melo and Sean, you two are so fun and I loved getting to hang out with you! I can't wait to see you again!! I hope you love these photos!!!


  1. aw, this is the sweetest thing! such a beautiful couple. love these!

    xo, rn

  2. da cali vibes tho. PERF.
    these are the sweetest ever!

  3. Eeeee you took pictures in Californiaaa!!!!!