Monday, September 1, 2014

KY, TN, WV, IN, and MI

For the past three years I've had this desire to travel that I cannot quench. I try to tell myself it's okay and that I need to be content where I am but I just want to see the world so badly. I've gotten to the point where I am choosing to look at it as a gift, not something that I need to feel bad about. I never thought in a million years that I would own my own business and have the time to travel but I have been truly blessed and God is definitely fulfilling that desire inside of me. It was my goal this year to see at least three new states and so far I've been to ten new states. It's kind of hard to believe but the adventures I've been on are ones I will never forget! I'm thankful for the friends who have made this possible and I can't wait to see what else this year has in store!! For now, here are some photos from the summer!

First it was off to Kentucky to shoot with Elizabeth! We stayed in the most precious cabin!!

Then we adventured to Nashville for the day!

The Walking Bridge!! 
The Opryland Hotel in Nashville is phenomenal!!! I wanna stay here!!! 

On my way home from Kentucky, I saw this building from the interstate and just had to take a detour to figure out what it was! Turns out that it's West Virginia's capitol building!! The dome is made of gold! 

And then I had the pleasure of going to Indiana with Megan and Justin!! We spent all week at the Elkhart County Fair! I rode a fair ride for the first time ever!

Miniature horses are the cutest!
We saw the tiger show! I cried. That's how awesome tigers are.

Skunky skunk. :)

Lake Michigan is SO beautiful!
 The dunes are seriously enormous! See those little people at the top? Yeah....


  1. i really like the recurring Delight girl theme. ;) just rad.
    also the shots of megan in the cornfield... holy cow, perfection.

  2. lovelovelove! these pictures are beautiful! x