Wednesday, September 24, 2014

California (Part II)

Day 4 was one of my favorites!! Logan Cole, one of Hannah's and my favorite photographers, had Instagrammed that he was in Palm Springs and we had wanted to meet him so we took a chance and asked him if he'd be up for meeting us! We never really expected him to message back but he did and we drove through Palm Springs on the way to Joshua Tree to meet him!! We hung out at the Ace Hotel for a few hours and just chatted about life and photography. I kid you not, it was 113 degrees out (the town had water misters along the streets and at restaurants) so we ran to our car after we left the hotel so we wouldn't die. Then afterwards we explored the Parker and pretended like we belonged there... On our way out the valet asked us if we enjoyed our stay. My response: "Yes, yes we did." And then we ran away and laughed really hard. :) 

Apparently there's a lift that will take you to the top of these mountains and at certain times of the year it's snowing up there while it's basically summer down below. 
Thanks for hanging out with us, Logan! We had a blast!

Don't ask me why that sign says that.

Joshua Tree!!! The weather was amazing up here! It was about 75 degrees and breezy! SO perfect after a scorching hot day in Palm Springs! 

One of my favorites! These trees are SO fun! 

This sunset was amazing!! I don't usually love shooting at sunset but this changed my mind! 

And then we turned our car headlights on and sat in the middle of the road. YES. Smart ideas and good times.
We stopped at this place on the way home from Joshua and Hannah had to use the bathroom, which was outside in a separate building from the pizza place. After ten minutes she finally came back (I actually thought she got kidnapped) and she comes in to tell me the lights shut off on her. HAHA!

This is our entire week in one photo. We took pictures of EVERYTHING. Thank God Hannah was my twin because otherwise I would have been judged.  
As big as my face. Yep, I ate it all. 
Back to downtown San Diego, but in the morning this time! We got our donut/cake/dessert and went to sit at a public little dining area outside and as soon as we shoved our faces with these donuts, we realized we needed some napkins. There was a little street coffeeshop so Hannah went to ask for napkin. HER MISTAKE. The grumpy barista gave her one piece of a paper towel. I needed one too of course so I go up and clearly state that I need NAPKINS. The lady laughs at the people beside her, clearing angry at us, rolls her eyes, and gives me two pieces of a paper towel. Either paper towels are running low in California or this lady was having a bad day.... Hard to say.

Food as big as our face was also a theme. 
Back to Coronado for the afternoon! You'd think the third time would be the charm.....

Hannah and I parked eleven blocks from this restaurant. Hannah didn't realize when she put it in her GPS and we started walking that it would be this far.... Well, we only paid for two hours of parking and by the time we got here, we had about fifteen minutes left on the meter. SO GUESS WHAT? I sprinted eleven blocks back to the car and when I finally got to the car, I blasted the AC and drove down to the restaurant with my face two inches from the AC unit while carefully kind of watching where I was going. When I got back to the restaurant I had to run to the bathroom and wash the sweat off my face. I finally sat down at this nice restaurant, still dripping wet and the meal we stupidly decided to share had come... We ate it and were hungry five minutes later. BUT HEY, look at that view!
We stopped at Solana Beach on the way home!

Part III is the last bit!! Look out for that post on Friday!

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your words and photos!! Makes me want to go to California even more than I already do, haha! I hope you don't mind that I pinned some of your photos on Pinterest. ;) I could have pinned every single one because they're ALL Pinterest-worthy, but I controlled myself, you know. xD xoxoxox