Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rebecca + Craig | Orange, Virginia Wedding Photographer

The very first wedding I shot on my own was a couple involved in Young Life and although identifying couples by calling them "Young Life couples" might be annoying, I say that because I love them!! Haha! I was involved in YL in high school, my parents were on Committee, my brother led in college, and I just came back from shooting for camp, so Young Life is really special to me and every Young Life wedding I shoot ends up being amazing!! YL couples just know how to have fun! I was excited going into this wedding because of that! So if you haven't figured it out by now, Rebecca and Craig are now involved in Young Life in Fredericksburg! They met at camp and that's where everything began!!

This wedding was my ideal wedding. Rebecca and Craig were fun, sweet, and so in love. When I was doing portraits after the ceremony, I was walking a few steps ahead of Rebecca and Craig because we were walking to the next portrait spot and I'll never forget hearing them talk about how it just felt so right and normal. That's how it should be and hearing things like that just makes me so excited for the day that I hopefully get to experience that! The way they put God first is why they have such a beautiful, Christ-like love for one another.

I'm really thankful for these two and the memories of their beautiful day!! I've been crazy busy and have been dying to share these photos!! Finally the day is here!!! Hope you all enjoy this awesome Rounton Farm wedding!! 

Rebecca wore a flower crown!!! It was amazing! 

First Look time!! This is definitely one of my favorites!!! Such a special time and we got TONS of portraits because they chose to see each other before the ceremony! 

Venue | Rounton Farm
Dress | J.Crew 
Bridesmaids Dresses | Lulu's
Florals | Nature Composed 
Catering | Real Food VA


  1. Such a sweet wedding! You can really feel the love between them and all their friends and family, too! Beautifully captured!

  2. Love these, Meredith! Routon Farm is such a fun venue and seemed to fit this couple's sweet love.

  3. gah! so many favorites! you're so good, girl! :)