Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Becky + Joe | Harrisonburg, Virginia Wedding Photographer

It's always interesting meeting a couple for the first time. Interesting in a good way. You start to get to know them but you still feel like there's so much to learn. I met these two in Harrisonburg back in the winter, booking them shortly after, and I didn't see them until their engagement session in the spring!  :( But their engagement session is one of my favorites and I knew that night that I was going to enjoy their wedding. I felt like I knew them just a little better and I definitely got an idea of their relationship with all the laughter. It made me happy. 

Their Cross Keys wedding was my third one at the vineyard this summer! I was lucky enough to be put on their preferred vendors list and am so thankful for the three couples I got to shoot because of that! The vineyard is stunning and it was especially wonderful for Becky and Joe's wedding because we got some cloud cover and I was able to shoot in places I hadn't shot there before! And not to mention, Becky was the most beautiful bride. She seriously took my breath away!! I hope you all enjoy their wedding photos!! Here's a little sneak peek into their day!

How could you not love a couple that asks you to take a photo with them?! 

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  1. So stunningly gorgeous!! Love the way you photographed this!! by far your most amazing photos yet. So proud to have you as a friend. xoxo