Friday, August 15, 2014

FAQ: Timeline

The timeline makes or breaks a wedding day. It's the most frustrating part of planning, but when it's nailed down and done right, things go SO MUCH SMOOTHER. Trust me.... I've had my brides tell me it's a hassle making it but they were so glad they took the time earlier so they could relax and not be rushed on the wedding day. Ever since I started shooting weddings, I always give my brides and grooms a sample timeline when they hire me. Not only does it ease my mind, but they're coming into this having no clue how much time I need so they're always relieved when I give them the sample. Obviously it's going to be tweaked because every wedding has a different timeline but it helps them know how much time I need for getting ready, the First Look, bridal party portraits, family portraits, couple portraits, etc. Usually once the reception starts they can do whatever they want in terms of timing of the dances, cake cutting, and whatnot, but if the portraits aren't planned and I'm not given enough time, unfortunately you won't receive what you see on my website. It sounds so harsh but I've been to weddings where photographers weren't given any time and honestly, what can you do at that point? It's too late then. So... I thought I'd write this post and hopefully it helps both my brides and other photographers!

Basically I have three sample timelines that I created that work for me. One is for winter, one is for spring/summer, and one is for fall. Depending on the date of the wedding, I bring the one that applies and talk the couple through everything. It's a pretty simple thing that most photographers do but making sure the couple has this timeline early on in the game makes sure they know what I need! I am the planner as well as the photographer for the majority of my weddings nowadays so if I don't help plan the timeline, I'll probably have a stressful time shooting on the wedding day. Haha. And trust me, I'd rather keep the stress to a minimum.

The main thing to keep in mind when planning the timeline is when the sun sets. Usually I gauge everything off of that. So in the fall or winter when there's a time change, you have to beware that you just lost an hour and the ceremony should be bumped earlier! So here are a couple example timelines! Hopefully this is helpful for those of you who are newer to photography and are completely confused by the timeline like I was when I first started! :)

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  1. Oh my, thank you so much for sharing, Meredith! Super helpful.