Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beth + Chris | Harrisonburg, Virginia Wedding Photographer

I'm so excited to share Beth and Chris's Cross Keys wedding with you!! I am friends with Beth on Facebook and leading up to their wedding day, she was posting statuses about the countdown and how excited she was. Her excitement to marry Chris was so contagious! I love when couples can't help but share their joy in finding someone! We had the perfect weather at Cross Keys and I loved celebrating with these two!! 

They decided not to have a bridal party because they really wanted to focus on just being together and making it as stress-free as possible, which really did make the day easy! I also loved that they did a First Look and that Josh and I had plenty of time for portraits. It was so fun working with such an awesome videographer!! So here are some of my favorite shots from the day! 


  1. stunning, stunning, STUNNING! i love the delicate light enfaced into each photograph. your photography is really amazing, Meredith and I really admire that you have a style that's all your own (I must admit, though, it reminds me of Jasmine Star's photography!). x

  2. LOVED seeing these! You're amazing.