Friday, June 27, 2014

Trust On a Wedding Day

The more weddings I shoot and the more couples I meet, the more I realize how important it is for me to click with my clients and for my clients to click with me. I want us to be a good fit! Your wedding day is a BIG deal. The biggest deal. These are photos that only happen once and I want you to be 150% sure you love my work (and me) when you hire me! I don't want you to hire me for my price. I don't want you to hire me just because you know me and you didn't want to research anyone else. I want you to love my style, love what you see on my website, and be ready to trust me with your day! I'm a natural light photographer so the majority of what you see on my website is done either outside or by a window. Natural light is flattering and it allows me to use my camera to its full potential. So basically, I want my clients to know that I work outside! I love the sun (or clouds). :)

I second shot a wedding recently with a lovely photographer and unfortunately it rained on the wedding day. But here's the thing... I can work with rain. Rain can be really awesome! Sure, it's not the sun everyone wants, but if you want to make the best of it and still have cool photos, you have to trust your photographer. This particular venue was set up wonderfully with overhangs everywhere outside so the photographer and I were so relieved when we arrived because we knew it would work for photos without everyone having to stand in the rain. Well, the bride was not up for going outside at all the entire day because she didn't want to get any mud or water on her dress, not even after the ceremony. Now, I do realize I'm a photographer so I personally would do ANYTHING to get the shot. If I was getting married, I'd probably stand in a pond if the photographer told me to. But that's because I would hire someone I trusted. Granted, someone I trust would probably not put me in a pond... But you get my point.

I do know some people pay thousands for their weddings dresses. I understand some people aren't as comfortable as me when it comes to doing crazy things just for a photo. That's okay. But I at least want people hiring me or thinking of hiring me to know that I like to have fun and I like to get those shots that may not always seem super fun while they're happening (like getting a little wet during a rainy wedding). BUT IT IS WORTH IT IN THE END. I promise. If you hire me, you have to trust me. It's like relinquishing your life to me for the day. Haha!! Your mom may want a photo in the church. Your friend may like that tree over there. Your dad may ask me why I'm shooting with the sun behind my subject, rather than in front. You may not be super excited about getting a little water on your dress (which can be dry-cleaned out easily). But I'm paid to know where to put you. I'm paid to know where the best light is. I'm paid to get shots that you'll LOVE! 

But at the same time, it's your day. Ultimately, I want you to be happy! So while I say all this and I want future clients to know this about me, I'm not going to disregard your feelings. I don't want you to worry about anything on the wedding day and that's why you hire me. :) I will take care of you! But have a little trust that the decisions I make are for your own good. :D

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