Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Big Apple

I'm the type of person who gets overly excited about premature plans and totally let down if they don't work out. I try not to get my hopes up when conversation of traveling comes up because a lot of times people talk and I have to remember things don't always happen. When Erin and I started chatting about a New York trip a while back, I didn't expect much but I tried not to give up on the idea because I knew it would be AMAZING and at the time, I thought it would be my first time there if we went. I ended up getting an opportunity to go earlier this month but I could never see too much of New York and because that was a work trip, I still wanted to go back. All worked out and we got to go!! Erin, Amanda, and I left Union Station in DC Tuesday night and headed to NYC on the train!! Yes, I've always wanted to ride the train to NYC so basically it was a dream come true!! I felt a little bit like I was living the Harry Potter life. I wish I had brought my wand. ;)

There's something so magical about New York, though. I never thought I'd love it so much that I'd want to move there but of course, I'm adding NYC to my list of places I want to live. Each morning, I woke up on the 7th floor of the apartment, not quite sure what the weather was like outside. I checked my phone, gathered my clothes, and got ready for the day. I was ready to go by 10, impatient as ever to get out in the city. I finally rode the elevator down, camera in hand, ready for coffee, as I set off down the streets with Amanda. The sun glinted off the reflective windows and people hurried to their jobs. Cabs were honking, subways were running, and bikers whizzed by, everyone with a destination in mind. We got our iced coffee and chai, meandered in a few bookstores, and finally went back to get Erin so the day could officially began. Our mornings all started like this. :) Most of our trip was fairly laid back but I think that's why it felt like a life I could live. We stayed in a couple's apartment on the upper west side and rather than seeing the average tourist attractions, we went about our day like a local might.

This was definitely one of my favorite trips so far and I have Amanda and Erin to thank for making it so relaxing and fun!! Here are some of my photos!! Hope you enjoy seeing New York through my eyes!

Our cute little apartment.

If you only knew how excited I was about this....


  1. Love these! It looks like so much fun!

  2. so glad y'all got to go!!! love seeing your adventures in NYC!!

  3. AHH SO AMAZING -- I can 'feel' NY in these pictures -- those warm, heavy breezes and the fast-paced life. *contented sigh*

  4. So gorgeous... these pictures captured NYC so amazingly! I'm glad to hear that y'all had a blessed and relaxing trip!

  5. these are gorgeous pictures!! looks like an amazing trip. nyc has a very special place in my heart, and these photographs bring back a million memories. thanks for sharing.