Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hannah | Afton, Virginia Portrait Photographer

Seniors and portraits are my passion and the more I look at fashion photography, the more I want to go in that direction. I have no idea what the future holds but it would be a dream come true if I ever got to shoot for Anthropologie or Free People. 

But anyway, I was out exploring one evening when I passed a field I shot at way back when I first started shooting. I stopped my car because the light was shining through the wheat and it was breathtaking. I posted the shot on Instagram asking if anyone wanted to model for me at the location in the photo and I ended up getting about twenty responses when I really didn't expect to get any. So I had to make it happen!!

I am mostly inspired by clothing and locations and since I was already inspired by the location, I knew I needed to find some clothes that worked for the shoot. Hannah was one of the people who responded and when I read in her bio that she loved anything bohemian, I knew she'd be perfect for the shoot because that's exactly what I was visualizing. I gave her some outfit ideas and she ran with it. 

She came all the way from Chester and we ended up meeting before the shoot to chat about photography because she is also a photographer. It poured as we talked and I worried my shoot wouldn't happen but then the skies cleared and it was off to the first location!!

I won't lie and say every location I go to with my clients is a field of wildflowers filled with butterflies. Nope. Often I like the worn down, creepy places, like the Afton Inn for example. I've always wanted to shoot there and last minute I decided to take Hannah there. I'm so glad I did!! After that, we went over to the field and got there in perfect time! The sun was starting to set and the golden light plus the golden wheat was BEAUTIFUL.

It was so fun to work with someone who I knew understood my crazy ideas. I knew for the shoot I needed someone who was willing to go to creepy locations, lay on the ground, get a little dirty, and let me tease their hair. Haha. It's a little harder to be creative when I don't have someone willing to do those things. This shoot definitely ranks as my favorite and I seriously have to thank Hannah for that! Hannah is such a sweetheart and I'm SO thankful we got to meet. This industry is full of so many wonderful people and every chance I get to make a new friend, I take it! Hannah, I hope you love these photos!! You made my vision come to life, so thanks a million!! Now to share my favorites!


  1. These are great pictures, Meredith! Great work.

  2. Meredith. These. Are. AMAZING. I'm obsessed.

  3. WOW..... These are so creative and breathtaking!!! Awesome work, Meredith!!! You are amazing!!

  4. AH I have been so excited for these and they did not disappoint! I want you to shoot me some day!!

  5. WOAH I'm just dying over here... these photos are so beautiful!!!

  6. Love the photos in the wheat fields! So stunning! :)

    the perfection. i can't.