Friday, April 18, 2014

Lili | Staunton, Virginia Graduation Photographer

Meet Lili!!! Lili is about to graduate from Mary Baldwin College and wanted some portraits to remember and celebrate her success! I was so excited to meet her because usually I am doing seniors in high school, not in college! So this was something a little different. I absolutely love Mary Baldwin's campus and in the spring it's especially gorgeous. Lili braved the intense wind on her shoot but thankfully it didn't rain and it wasn't cold! It's been SO nice to not have to wear a jacket to my shoots lately. One less thing to bring along. Haha. But anyway, Lili, congrats on almost graduating and I wish you all the best as you step out into the real world! Hope you love your pictures! 


  1. she's absolutely stunning. and i love the shot of the dogwood blossoms. :)

  2. stunning! your work is incredible.