Friday, March 28, 2014

Lyra Kelly | Stuarts Draft, Virginia Newborn Photographer

I had the pleasure of working with Comfort Care Women's Health last week! Now, I don't normally shoot newborns and I don't normally shoot for a company or non-profit but this was something I felt called to do. Comfort Care works with moms to inform them on the options she might be considering, like abortion. And when I say inform, I mean Comfort Care wants them to know what happens during an abortion. They want the mothers to know that they have a living child inside of them before they make any rash decision to rid of it. 

I know this is a hugely controversial topic and I don't write this to change your opinion but I just know what I believe and I thought this would be a really incredible opportunity to meet a few mothers who have weighed the options of abortion and chosen to give life instead. I couldn't wait to meet Shannon and two-month-old Lyra last Thursday!! They were so wonderful letting me put little Lyra in a basket full of blankets! Haha!! Here are a few of the shots I took!

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