Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Daphne + Mike | Massanutten, Virginia Engagement Photographer

Daphne and Mike's wedding was one of the first weddings I booked for 2014. And guess what? I booked them without meeting them first! Sometimes it makes me nervous to book wedding clients without meeting first but in this case, I felt confident in my email conversation with Mike. But because of not actually knowing them, when I pulled up to Mike's parent's place in Massanutten to meet him and Daphne, I didn't know what to expect!! Thankfully, I was immediately put at ease when I met them and was greeted by smiles and offered a drink. Haha! They're such kind people. I absolutely loved getting to know them throughout our two hours together!! It's always so fun to see a couple interact and witness their love for one another before the wedding day. I'm such a proponent of engagement sessions and this one just made me love them all the more! Mike and Daphne, you two are awesome and I am so thrilled to be photographing your wedding!! Hope you love these photos!


  1. oh goodness, these are lovely. i simply adore the close up shot of her head on his shoulder.

  2. these are so beautiful and your clients are going to love them!