Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Megan | Short Pump, Virginia Portrait Photographer

Last week I decided to go to a Shoot & Share meet up in Short Pump, despite the nerves I felt about meeting thirty other photographers. I was excited, but of course having dinner with Katelyn James, Michael & Carina, and many other talented photographers was a little nerve-racking. But the day before the meet up, a girl named Megan posted in the Facebook event asking if anyone wanted to meet up beforehand and shoot. I didn't know who Megan was at the time but I figured it would be a good way to start the night, having already met someone. A few other people were supposed to come hang out with us but life got in the way and they weren't able to come. The funny thing is, it was such a God thing with it being just us. Megan and I are about the same age, both shoot with the same camera, both are a part of a group called Delight (and are attending the same retreat in April which we discovered while shooting!), and have a lot more in common than I ever would have guessed. It was SO nice to meet yet another person my age who is working towards the same career. Megan, you are awesome! Thank you for hanging out with me! I can't wait for the retreat!


  1. Yay!! Thank you soo much for these! I especially love the ones of me sitting on the fence...! :)

  2. she's a stunner. and these shots are all so gorgeous! I love the 11th and the last two.