Friday, December 6, 2013

This Will Do

I recently redesigned my website (with the help of Promise's lovely Sitehouse designs) and one of the interview questions on my 'about me' page was, "Where do you get your inspiration?" I had to think about that because I'm unusual in the way that I don't necessarily get inspired by looking at magazines and others' work. In fact, that is usually debilitating (because of comparisons) unless I'm in the right mood. So I thought for a minute about what inspires me and then it clicked. I am inspired by exploring and travel and discoveries

This past year I made it a goal of mine to get out of the house more to see more. Since I can't book a flight across the country whenever I want, I decided the best way to do this would be to drive around my very own town on a regular basis and shoot with my iPhone. We think we know our towns, especially when they're small like mine, but the fun of it is, every time I get in my car to explore, coffee in hand (of course), I discover something new or I see something in a different way.

I was chatting with an online friend of mine yesterday who lives in California and I was telling her about how I have a huge dream of taking an RV and traveling the west coast for an extended period of time with a couple friends who love exploring/photography as much as I do. She said to count her in so now I really need to make that happen but our conversation is what actually pushed me to go out in the rain and shoot for myself today. I needed an adventure in my life and today's rainy, foggy weather made that happen. 

Today's shots were taken on the Mark III and 35mm 1.4.


  1. I love these so much Meredith! You never cease to inspire me!

  2. Mmm, I can feel fall and winter when I look at these rich photos; they're beautiful and stunning!

  3. First of all, these photographs are absolutely beautiful. You inspire me like no one else does.

    Second of all, I know we're not really real life friends, and, i guess, in a way, not really friends. But going exploring in different places around the country and world has always been something I've wanted to do. It sounds so thrilling, and so fun, and like an unending photography source.
    And, I realize that you probably wouldn't want me traipsing around with you, but if you are looking for a party, I seriously want to do it so badly.


    1. Rachel, your sweet words never fail to bless me. Thank you so much!! And if this ever happens, anyone who wants to come is welcome! Seriously, the more the merrier. :) I'd love to meet you!

    2. Thank you so much. This is why I love you so much.
      You're so genuine and loving. You're inspiring, you're beautiful, you're kind, and your photographs are drop dead gorgeous.

      But one of the things I love most about you, is that you give back.
      Some things that a lot of bloggers do, is say they don't have enough time to invest in readers. When you ask a question, there isn't an answer. It's almost as if they only see you as a number.
      But you see past that, you see your readers and followers as people with genuine stories. People who want to be accepted, who want to be liked.
      You don't have just one group of friends who you reply to, you don't reply to only super duper nice comments. You don't reply to only people you like.
      There's on blogger in particular who I love so much, but she almost seems to shun me. Like I'm not good enough for her. Maybe she really doesn't mean to do that, or isn't aware of it, but maybe she is.
      Her work also inspires me, but I don't like how she says she only really invests time in a few relationships, in a few people. But I understand how life can be busy, and I understand that replying to every comment isn't possible. But I just feel like she is just making excuses for seeing her followers as numbers, and she must know it. I probably am being a bit harsh, but it really hurts. It really hurts to see her replying to a few comments, and I have mine there, and it's almost never responded to, like she doesn't even care. Like she doesn't like me for some reason.
      And I'm done trying to be like her, having her as my role model, because I don't want to be like someone who doesn't even like me, who thinks I'm not popular enough, not enough numbers to give them anything in return. I don't want to do that to people. I hate that feeling I get when she doesn't respond, when it feels like she doesn't care at all. I don't want to look up to a person who is looking down at me as number 2435.
      Saying they don't care about numbers doesn't mean anything when it's obvious that they do. Telling others that they shouldn't care isn't going to help anything when they still do.
      There are so many things about this person that I love. I look up to her for many reasons, I will always be a fan, and I'm not unfollowing. I realize that nobody's perfect, but if she is going to hurt me (maybe without realizing), then I'm done with her as my role model.

      But you're so sweet. You are genuinely interested in peoples lives, in your readers and followers lives. You follow other people on social media, not just popular people. You see people differently.
      That's why I look up to you. And I'm so happy that numbers don't effect you.

      Never stop being you, Meredith, please don't.