Friday, December 13, 2013

Let's Do This Together

Read more (if you usually read fiction, read non-fiction and vice versa)
Take one day at a time
Take advice from others, even if you don't like it
Give to strangers (buy someone a coffee or tape a few dollars to a car in a parking lot)
Go to the gym or take a walk
Donate to Goodwill/the Salvation Army
Be slow to anger
Spend less time on your computer and phone
Meet new people
Teach others
Write a message to yourself, put it in a bottle, and don't look at it for ten years
Clean your house
Get up earlier (go watch the sunrise)
Support your farmer's market
Tell those who mean a lot to you that they do
Be brave and face your fears
Tell someone you love them
Break a bad habit
Don't buy anything for a week (unless you absolutely have to)
Bake/cook a new meal (pick something difficult)
Go to the SPCA and play with the animals (and maybe buy one?!)
Encourage someone you don't know well
Listen more; talk less
Don't judge
Invite an old friend out for coffee
Drive to a new city, walk around, and take pictures
Forgive often
Make something for your neighbor
Say hi to people you see in stores
Smile more
Do that one thing before the year is over that you've been scared to do
Send someone an anonymous note (full of nice things)
Spend a day in silence (turn off your phone, leave your computer on your desk, don't listen to music, and do something that doesn't involve noise)
Journal more
Send a few gift baskets to a nursing home
Offer to babysit or watch a couple's child for free while they go out
Follow your heart
Grow to like black coffee
Be positive
Write down ten things you're thankful for
Turn up the music in your house and shamelessly dance
Donate to a charity (research it first)
Record a video of yourself singing along to your favorite song (you don't have to show it to anyone but don't delete it!)
Be honest
Tell someone your story who doesn't know it already
Write down something you're holding onto and need to let go of and then throw that paper in the fire or rip it up
Shovel an elderly person's driveway when it snows or offer to buy their groceries
Be spontaneous
Laugh more
Work hard
Take trips
Remember that it could always be worse
Live a full, memorable, selfless life