Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I had completely forgotten freelensing existed until a few nights ago when I was up at midnight and had a strange urge to do some macro shots. I had loaned my macro lens to someone so I didn't have it and then it occurred to me that I didn't need one because my lenses can act as a macro of sorts! :) If you take the lens off your camera and turn it around so that the front is facing your sensor and you get really close to what you're shooting, it will work like a macro. It's tricky because the slightest movement will make it out of focus but if you practice, it does work! You do have to adjust ISO and exposure manually because your lens won't be connected and it's also not going to be tack sharp like a shot taken with a macro lens would be but it's so much fun to play around!! Freelensing also works without turning the lens around and just holding it slightly away from the sensor, with the front glass facing how it normally would! If you play around with tilting it, you can get cool light leak effects and mess with the plane of focus. Here are some freelensed shots I took recently.


  1. whoaaa, these are gorgeous, Meredith. i've tried freelensing before, but my little Nikon D3100 doesn't quite do it; not sure how it's done, anyway. ;) but these are exquisite. xx

  2. i love these. i have tried free lensing, but it doesn't seem to work as well. lovely meredith! :) x

  3. these pictures are just stunning and amazing! love it<<3
    rainbows and dreams

  4. Hm, my previous comment didn't go through.

    I was so happy when I found out this post WAS about freelensing. I heard about it on A Beautiful Mess a while ago, and wanted to try it when I got a dslr, now that I have one, i cannot wait to try it out!