Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bethany + Aaron | Lexington, Virginia Proposal Photographer

If anyone is excited for marriage, it's Bethany. And I love that about her. Bethany has been talking about her wedding day for many years and over the past year as I've gotten closer to her, I've gotten to hear her heart regarding marriage and how ready she is. Because I'm a wedding photographer and Aaron, her fiancé, is too, we tend to talk about weddings more than the average person. Haha! We talk about venues, photographers, flowers, colors, dresses... :) I know that up until this past Sunday, B would talk about weddings but she'd try her very hardest not to think too much about it being for her specifically.

Well, a couple weeks ago, I received a text from Aaron asking me if I was free on December 1st. I said I was and asked what it was for. All I got back were three smiley faces and I knew immediately what was going on. I texted back in all caps with a string of OH MY GOSHs, YAYs, and I'M SO EXCITEDs with about a thousand exclamation points. What can I say? I get excited easily. Aaron, Taylor, and I had a secret meeting soon after and discussed all the many details that the proposal involved. We came up with a plan a couple hours later and the three of us set out to complete our designated tasks. :) Haha.

The day arrived in no time and after a few setbacks including our first location being unavailable because the parkway was closed, we decided on our Plan B location at Panther Falls. Taylor and I set everything up because Aaron was in Roanoke with Bethany for Thanksgiving so we got there that morning and after hiking down the icy mountain with a guitar, a bunch of mason jars, candles, and all my camera gear, we were ready for this to happen. We could barely contain our excitement. Despite Bethany's wishes of staying in Roanoke with her family a couple more hours to nap (seriously??? haha), Bethany's family and Aaron managed to get them out the door and they were finally in their car headed our way. Meanwhile, Taylor and I didn't have service so we weren't 100% sure when they were going to arrive so we stayed hidden to make sure we weren't seen. And sure enough, after what felt like hours to my impatient self, they finally arrived and the proposal Bethany has been dreaming of took place! I couldn't hear anything Aaron said due to the falls but I'm sure it was perfect considering there were tears. :)

I never would have guessed I'd get to photograph Aaron and Bethany's proposal a year ago but I'm so honored that I got to. It was such a special day and I loved being a part of it! Aaron and Bethany, thank you for inviting me to capture something so special for you! You are both incredible people and I absolutely cannot wait for you to be married! Now you can really plan your wedding and you can think about it all you want!! :D

B has the cutest apartment. :)
Becca made lots of cupcakes since she works at Sweethaus. We love her.
Love youuuu!!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh this is such a cute idea. Love this, Meredith!!