Monday, November 11, 2013

Taylor | Afton, Virginia Senior Portrait Photographer

I shot Taylor's seniors last week up at Swannanoa and I will admit that because I have shot there so much, I'm always a little nervous when someone says that's where they want to shoot. It's a challenge for me to make it look different but with it being such a huge property, it always ends up being a fun challenge because it really does look different every time I go! This time, there was a field in the back that I ended up loving! Maybe it had been there the whole time but I didn't remember it! We went there at the end of the shoot and with the glowy light coming through the trees, it was just beautiful! Taylor, you're such a sweetheart and simply a natural beauty! Here are my favorites from your shoot!

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  1. Very very pretty lady. It seems like you have a lot of good spots around your area! I'm definitely going to take a look around everywhere when I learn to drive!

    Love these!