Friday, August 9, 2013

Rebecca | Staunton, Virginia Portrait Photographer

Sometimes you just have to change it up and do something new. That's why I bought my film camera a while back. I don't shoot film often but it's definitely a fad right now and I say that proudly. I think film is pretty cool. It challenges you to get the image right in camera and it's also wonderful because I don't have to do any editing. :)

 I don't have the funds to shoot film at every session (hopefully I will someday) but sometimes I get in a rut and I just want to do something new. So that's why I asked my lovely, beautiful friend Becca to model for me last week so I could shoot some film without having to deliver anything. We went to downtown Staunton and I shot a couple rolls of film and was thrilled when I got the scans back a couple days ago! So fun! Thanks for modeling, Becca! :)


  1. These are very beautiful, Meredith. And you didnt edit them at all? wow!
    i also love shooting with film, but, like you, i just dont have the funds.