Monday, August 19, 2013

Finding Peace

I spent a week at the beach with my friends and now I'm spending a week at the beach with my family. Most of my friends are back at school so I didn't get to bring anyone with me but it's okay. Usually when I'm at the beach with my family, I hate going on walks alone and sitting on the beach by myself but I'm finding peace in that this year. I'm not normally one to get up early either but my body's internal clock has been going off earlier, probably because there's nowhere else I'd rather be than the beach. I got up and went straight out to the beach yesterday and went for a long run. The pier is a mile and a half down the beach so it's always a good spot to walk or run to. The sun was just rising over the ocean, it wasn't entirely too hot, and it really was a perfect morning, besides me tripping over an unattended fishing line.... Thank you, Mr. Fisherman. But we won't talk about that. Haha.

I went in to change and grab my book, then hurried out to sit in the sand and soak in as much sun as possible, since the forecast isn't looking good for the week. The beach is deserted this time of year because people are going back to school and it's like a slice of heaven. This week is a week to read on the porch in a rocking chair, to journal by the ocean, to adventure to new places on my bike, to admire the stars, to run to the pier as much as possible, and to truly enjoy this time before the summer is over. Although I wouldn't mind being with friends, laughing every second of the day, I'm happy to at least be here. :)

These photos are all taken with my iPhone 4S and have been edited with the VSCO app. Some are from my Corolla beach trip a week ago and some are from this week. Be sure to check my VSCO grid to see the photos I'll take the rest of the week!

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