Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Emily + Jacob | Bluemont, Virginia Wedding Photographer

For this wedding up in Bluemont, I had to drive two hours away so I had my GPS and printed directions ready. I was confident that Apple maps would get me there but I was wrong. Apple maps tends to get you close, but not close enough. Haha. I got really lost up in the mountains on a road with some enormous houses but I definitely wasn't on the road to the vineyard. I called Lauren, the first shooter, and she attempted to help me but because I didn't know where I was, I wasn't very informative. Haha. I ended up getting back on the road I came in on and between deep breaths, followed the printed directions I thankfully brought. Getting lost on the way to a wedding is NOT fun. I eventually found my way, traveled up an incredibly steep hill, and got out in the pouring rain to find Lauren and the bride! It was raining and I got lost, but when I arrived, I was determined to make it a good day. Lauren is always so gracious in letting me second shoot for her and I love it so I wasn't going to let the day pass me by without getting some good shots!! She's the best because she even lets me hang out in the bridal suite to get detail shots. :) 

So although it rained for the morning of this wedding, it stopped right in time for the ceremony and I'm so excited to share some photos with you!! Shooting at this wedding made me fall in love with wedding photography all the more! Enjoy these shots and definitely check out the one's Lauren has posted!

It helps when you're a professional ballroom dancer like Emily. 


  1. Beautiful pictures, Meredith, as always!


  2. These are gorgeous!!! You did a wonderful job :) I just got lost driving from the church to the reception site on Saturday for my first wedding (which I was shooting alone). Lol, it was definitely nerve-racking, but it all turned out fine :)