Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Is...

Summer is freedom. Summer is staying up until 3 in the morning. Summer is driving around at night just to listen to your favorite music. Summer is swimming until your hair lightens. Summer is ordering way too many bathing suits. Summer is going to concerts. Summer is having movie nights. Summer is biking. Summer is eating dessert for dinner. Summer is laying out in the yard, looking at the stars. Summer is watching storms roll in off the mountain. Summer is bonfires and s'mores. Summer is blowing bubbles on the parkway. Summer is doing something you wouldn't normally do. Summer is not having a care in the world.

What makes summer for you?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Go See What You Don't Often See

Last Thursday, I went to a baseball game with some friends and for some reason, when I got home, I wasn't tired in the slightest. It was late but my brain just wouldn't shut off. I laid in my bed for about an hour when I got annoyed and grabbed my headphones because I knew there was no hope of sleeping. I put my iPhone on my recently added (Brooke Waggoner and Les Enfants, for those who care) and scrolled through endless photos on Instagram, finding new people to follow. Soon enough, it was 4 a.m. and I was still awake. All I wanted to do was get in my car and go for a drive so that's exactly what I did. I quietly left the house and ventured into the dark, peaceful, empty town. At 4 in the morning, there wasn't a soul on the road. I rode down the curvy, mountainous roads of 250 for a bit, knowing the sun wasn't going to come up for another couple hours, which is mainly why I got up in the first place. I wanted to see the glorious sun say good morning. 

So when I finally made my way to the overlook I planned to watch the sunrise at, I first sat in my car, windows up, headlights on, and music loud. But then I realized it would be so much better with my windows down, headlights dimmed, and music off. I just sat there in the still of my silence as the fog rose off the town below and the twinkling lights of cars passed far off in the distance. The birds made their morning debut by chirping in unison and the deer scattered when I took a photo from the window of my car. I just reveled in the fact that it felt like I was the only person awake. There's something special about watching the sunrise; each one is different and you never know what to expect. Sometimes it's better than others but it's always a memory to be held onto. I remember each and every sunrise I've ever watched, all holding a place in my heart. The next chance you get, go watch the sunrise. Go journal. Go be alone. Go see what you don't often see.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Taylor + Alex | Afton, Virginia Engagement Photographer

When Taylor emailed me about doing her engagement pictures, I was thrilled! Getting to meet new people and to photograph couples in love is something I get more excited about every day, especially when the couple is as excited as me! Taylor first asked me if I knew of any locations that would have a plantation/colonial feel and I loved that she knew what she wanted!! There were a few places that came to mind but we settled on Swannanoa, even though it's more of a villa. I've shot at Swannanoa many times and every time it's just as fun because in every season, it's different. It's my goal to make every shoot I do in the same location to look a little different so I had fun challenging myself this past Saturday morning. Yes, morning! I don't typically schedule morning shoots but it worked out best for Taylor and Alex since they were in town then! It was refreshing to change it up and shoot at a different time!

Taylor and Alex were so wonderful and I am going to call them my model couple because they were such a fun couple to shoot! I loved their coordinated outfits and how they laughed every time I told them to look at each other. I loved how I asked them to stand in the tall grass and they didn't hesitate. I loved that they put up with me taking way too many ring shots and having to run back to my bag to get another memory card because yes, I filled up a whole memory card. I won't tell you how many gigabytes. Haha! I'm just so thankful to be able to photograph people like Taylor and Alex! It makes me love my job all the more. So thank you both for letting me photograph you! Enjoy some of my favorites!