Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Start It Off Right

I started my morning off right with Small Group at Starbucks. There's nothing quite like it, even though it takes place at 6:15. Yes, in the morning. Last Wednesday we didn't have it so it was nice to get back in the groove, read some scripture, and drink some yummy coffee at our corner table. I have an easy day today and the rest of the week should be nice considering all I have to do is edit a wedding and visit a friend in D.C. WOO! But today I want to share my film images with you! I sent my film to a lab about a month ago and finally got the scans back yesterday! After seeing these, I love film more than ever. Not only do I love the colors but I love that I shot all 32 pictures throughout about a month and I got to relive the little memories when I looked back through them, memories like walking through my neighborhood, being at work, and exploring Crozet in the snow. Film is just fun. It's like a big surprise when you see the final product.


    i have feelings for cherry blossoms. they're my favourite flower.

  2. Your film photos are SO beautiful!!! What film lab did you use? I'm thinking about trying Indie for my next rolls.

  3. ahhh, these are absolutely beautiful.