Monday, May 27, 2013

Sarah | Charlottesville, Virginia Portrait Photographer

Sarah and I have been friends for a long time! She's that girl who can always make you laugh, no matter the circumstance. She's just a fun person to be around and not to mention, gorgeous! She was actually the very first person I went on a photoshoot with when I got my first DSLR. As a matter of fact, she was the first person I blogged about. I knew I loved photography but that day on the train tracks is when I discovered shooting people was what interested me. That was about three years ago and now, Sarah has finished her freshman year at UVA! I'd say that calls for a celebration.

Sarah's family wanted some portraits of her on the campus, so we went over there last week and had such a good time. Put Sarah and I together and things like putting a ten dollar bill in a parking garage machine that doesn't give back change happen. Hahaha. Besides losing some money, changing in a doorway, and me making Sarah spin around on the Lawn, I'd say our shoot was totally normal. :) Haha! I'm so thankful to be doing what I'm doing and shooting stunning people like Sarah makes me love it all the more. Sarah, thanks for letting me photograph you! I hope you love these shots!


  1. she's so cute!! look at those heels. ;)

  2. You just get better and better!

  3. Dinah GottschalkMay 27, 2013 at 11:00 AM

    Love these, Meredith! And I really enjoyed your narrative. Thank you so much! It's going to be tough to choose.

  4. Isn't it fun to reshoot people that you worked with at the very beginning of your photographic journey?! It's amazing how much growth occurs. Great job on these photos!