Friday, May 10, 2013

On a Farm In Southern Maryland

Getting to go new places and see new sights is something that will never get old. After my adventures in D.C. and Alexandria on Saturday, I spent Sunday in Maryland. When Amanda mentioned her family owned a farm and that's where she grew up, I just thought she meant a few horses and some land. No, her family runs a real farm. Haha. They have pigs, chickens, sheep, horses, and an entire garden of vegetables and whatnot that takes up a big part of the left side of their farm. Their entire farm is 145 acres and they raise all their animals and even butcher the chickens themselves. Amanda's family is changing the world of farming, doing it organically. I was so intrigued listening to her dad talk about their food and how passionate he is about using the farm to make eating safer and healthier. I've never eaten organically but was totally inspired to do so, especially after hearing that helping out local farmers is what will make the difference.

So with that being said, I spent all of Sunday out on the Bourne's farm in southern Maryland riding on the back of a tractor, learning about food and farms, and visiting all the animals they house and take care of. I have so much more respect for farmers now and spending a beautiful Sunday out in the sunshine, going for a hike to the Patuxent River, and being around animals was a great end to my weekend. 

Alexandria Cupcake!

Ricky and Rocky!!

Amanda's sister is so adorable! Everyone calls her the horse whisperer. You can probably see why.

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  1. Oh my goodness that picture of the Capitol is absolutely amazing :) I just love that building and that city so much ;)