Monday, May 13, 2013


Both of my brothers graduated this past Saturday, one from Christopher Newport and one from Liberty. When we found out our family would have to split up, it was upsetting, but we made it work after drawing straws! My mom and I left home Friday afternoon and arrived into the warmth of the lovely town of Newport News three hours later. We checked into the hotel and after a quick dinner, we went with Blaine to a candlelight service on CNU's campus and soon enough, we were up the next morning bright and early to find good seats at graduation. We did end up sitting in those seats for five hours because we got there early and graduation was quite lengthy but it was worth it. FOR THE LOVE OF PHOTOS. :) Despite Blaine being announced as Blair, the day was perfect. Haha. The sun was shining and I'm so thankful I was there to witness my brother graduate. Now I'm excited to see where God takes both of my brothers. They are so special and both have unique and wonderful gifts that I know are and will continue to be used for the Lord's glory. So congrats Webb and Blaine. I love you!

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