Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Best Friends

I have truly been blessed with incredible friends. INCREDIBLE. I don't even think I realized how blessed I was until this year when they were gone. I cannot imagine life without them. I literally always have someone to talk to, to hang out with, to laugh with, and to share life with. I'm more than thankful for each of them for their unique and loving personalities. Most of us have been through so much together and although there were rough patches, we were never torn apart and that's just a testament to true friendship but also, to God. We wouldn't be together today if it weren't for the Lord. He put us all together and has kept us together for a reason. I like to think when I'm old I'll still have these girls to go to the beach with and do old people things with like play bingo and knit. Hahaha. So with that being said, I have some photos to share with you, of course! We were missing a couple people (Alycia and Jennifer, we'll do it again soon!), but here a few shots from yesterday! :D

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