Friday, May 24, 2013

Anne Curtis + Brian | Keswick, Virginia Wedding Photographer

They met through Young Life at JMU as freshmen and the story began there. Anne Curtis and Brian became best friends throughout the next couple years and little did they know that their friendship would turn into so much more. As they both realized maybe their special relationship could take them somewhere, Brian asked Anne Curtis out on a date their senior year. Over the next year, they were officially a couple and things just fell into place. Brian graduated a semester before Anne Curtis so things were long distance for about six months as they were on opposite ends of the country. Brian was involved in helping a church get its feet off the ground in San Francisco but as soon as Anne Curtis graduated, she was on her way to San Fransisco to be with her love.

Not long before Christmas of 2012, Anne Curtis had planned a trip for her family to fly from Virginia to San Francisco so she could show them around and have it be less foreign when they would come to visit in the future. Knowing Anne Curtis's family would be there, Brian made the choice to propose. He took Anne Curtis to a beautiful, scenic overlook of San Fran and got down on one knee to surprise his best friend with the question we all fantasize about. Her answer was 'yes,' of course, and on Saturday, I had the honor of photographing their beautiful, dream-like wedding at Keswick Vineyards. The mist enveloped the property of Keswick and created the perfect backdrop to unite the couple. I honestly couldn't have pictured a more perfect day. Anne Curtis and Brian's love for each other truly radiates and I am so happy for them! They are incredible people and I cannot wait to see where God leads them, even if it is all the way across the country! Thank you two so very much for allowing me to be part of your day!

The guys were hilarious. Obviously.

Thank you for this next shot, Rachel! Loved your angle!

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  1. Ahhhhhhh! LOVE these! Such a beautiful job on these images and of sharing the story of Anne Curtis and Brian's day. Love, love, LOVE everything about this post! And it's official...I am buying the flash triggers immediately. :)

    Rachel Kolb
    Creative Director and Lead Photographer, Rachel Lynn Creative

  2. OH MAN. You did SO good girl. That guy shot(hahahahha) and the pool reflection one... SO good!

  3. WOW. gorgeous job! love the country feel their wedding had... and her dress. also - love the fountain shots! what a cute couple. lovely job meredith! :) xx

  4. I just came across your blog...lovely! I really like the one of the bride standing in front of the fountain.

  5. Could they be any more adorable?? She's do gorgeous :) And I love her dress so much!!
    -mal ;)